Student, 18, dies of overdose after buying half a pill of the ‘wrong’ painkiller

A straight-A student has died after taking half a pill of what she thought was a painkiller – but was actually another massively stronger drug.

Hailey Deickman, 18, who was about to graduate from high school before studying at the University of New Orleans, allegedly bought what she thought was a Percocet pill – a prescription painkiller – from a suspected street dealer.

In fact the pill was actually Fentanyl – a far stronger synthetic painkiller which can be 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine.

In the UK, Fentanyl is typically given to people who are recovering after an operation or suffering from cancer.

Hailey and another student took half a pill each and both collapsed before being rushed to hospital. Four days later Hailey died. The other student is still recovering.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office says Franklin Senfles, 22, has been arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder.

Sheriff Gerald A. Turlich Jr. said: "The amount of Fentanyl currently being used in illegal narcotics is not only dangerous, but it's becoming a major public safety issue.

'We will continue to aggressively pursue any individual that spreads this poison into our community."

Speaking to FOX 8 news, Deickman's mother said her daughter was a beautiful person who made a mistake which tragically cost her her life.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in the wake of Hailey's death, to help her family cover funeral expenses.

The page, which has so far raised $14,078, reads: 'As many of you know our sweet Hailey Bug was met by sweet heavenly angels and is with God now.

"As her family prepares to make her arrangements they can use any help they can for funeral expenses.

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'Hailey's mom and dad will be home while they are grieving and may experience loss of wages at this difficult time.

'If any of you know the Deickman family, you know that they are the most generous, giving, selfless and loving family.'

Jemi Carlone, the principal of Belle Chasse High School, where Hailey was a pupil, said: "The teachers are going through a lot. They're the ones I'm really worried about because they have to be strong for their students.'

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