Suburb tormented by mystery high-pitched whining sound doing peoples heads in

Liverpool residents are being tormented by a mystery high pitched noise that's gone on for days is 'doing their heads in'.

The sound, that some have said reminds them of having tinnitus, has been reportedly plaguing an area of Walton for the past three days, Liverpool Echo reports.

The relentless whining sound is said to be particularly loud in Aboyne Close, Stalmine Road, Hazeldale Road and Firdale Road – but no one seems to know what it is

One neighbour, Carl Barker of Aboyne Close, uploaded a video of his street with the annoying whine on Facebook, asking other neighbours if they had heard it too after he initially thought he had the hearing condition.

Carl told the ECHO: "Its been there for the last two or three days that I've noticed. I've never noticed it before.

"I thought I had tinnitus at first until I opened the window and it got louder.

"I'm just glad it's not just myself who can hear it, at least I'm not going mad."

Carl described the sound as being like an "electrical noise", and speculated it could be a noisy transformer or an anti-pest alarm that's gone faulty.

After the video was posted online, neighbours said the noise had been annoying them too and speculated on where it was coming from.

One man posted: "So glad someone else can hear it…doing our heads in".

A woman replied: "Yes we can we are in Firdale and it’s doing our heads in. Can’t have windows open…any ideas anyone?".

Another woman said she had heard the annoying sound for days too, commenting: "I’ve been thinking the same thing, been able to hear it for days".

While another woman replied: "Yep is so annoying, can't figure out where it's coming from".

The sound was reportedly still going on at around 3.30pm this afternoon.

Liverpool Council are yet to confirm the cause of the noise.

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