Teachers secretly on OnlyFans living in fear of bosses discovering racy content

Scores of teachers are living in fear that their desperate income from racy OnlyFans content will be foiled by bosses, says a model who has been there and done it.

Mum-of-two and former tutor, Sarah Juree, is one of a growing number of women whose lives have been flipped upside down after their exclusive raunchy snaps landed in the laps of employers.

The OnlyFans star from Indiana, US, is now making more money than she could have ever dreamt of from selling sexy pictures but remains a staunch campaigner for better pay for hard-working teachers.

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Sarah started making adult content to make ends meet as a single mum but was fired when a local blogger blew the whistle on the side hustle.

She's told the Daily Star: "Almost every teacher in America has a second side job or more. My former coworker worked as a bartender and she mentioned starting an Onlyfans page.

"My boss told us both to start a page and sell our panties on it days before I got fired. In California, parents of students are being asked to let teachers move in with them because teachers can not afford housing.

"I think a lot of teachers are probably very nervous. I didn’t think my job would be in jeopardy because my boss encouraged me to start a page.

"I was not aware of revenge porn and was only on the site a few weeks before I had my images stolen and distributed."

Sarah was devastated about how she lost her treasured career and warns her experience is likely to be inflicted on others in a similar position.

She explained: "Unfortunately, it is a real threat to a woman’s career, reputation and a legitimate concern someone should have when joining the platform.

"People break copyright laws and Terms of Service and there aren’t great laws protecting women from revenge porn. Revenge porn weaponises a woman’s body and sexuality by trying to shame and humiliate them through distributing the images without consent.

"It’s a very painful and traumatic experience I’m sure no woman would wish to endure.

Sarah isn't alone in highlighting this problem in the United States.

Twitter users this week have passionately defended low paid professionals who have turned to OnlyFans.

Writer Jessie Sage, tweeted: "Seeing story after story of teachers being fired after their Onlyfans accounts are discovered. There is an easy solution to this problem if you don’t want teachers slinging nudes: PAY THEM MORE. I’ve been a teacher and it is more than a FT job. Teachers aren’t on OF for funsies."

Someone replied: "This will continue to happen until many things change. Better pay for teachers. Less puritanical culture/society.

"People who have never been in education don’t remotely understand how demoralizing and underpaid that profession is. I’ve done it. I’ve been treated better as a SWer."

A third tweeted this week: "Sucks that people get fired from their jobs because they do onlyfans /things similar because some people need to make a bit extra income sometimes."

Sarah says that this year she will have more than doubled her teacher's pay from going full time with OnlyFans.

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She told the Daily Star: "I made approximately $3,000 (£2,450) a month as a teacher. My biweekly pay cheque was $1600 (£1,300). My rent was $1100 (£899) and my health insurance was $250 (£204).

"So essentially I lived on $1,600 (£1,380) to cover my car payment, car insurance, gas, electric bill, groceries, food and everything else as a single mum.

"My first media cycle that month I made about $25,000 (£20,427) it ebbs and flows but I will be making more than twice my teaching pay this year."


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