Teenage girls beat Snapchat paedo with bats after he begged for sex acts

A Snapchat sex pest begged for teenage girls to stop beating him with bats after they stormed his house to teach him a lesson.

Brenton George Healey, 34, of Mildura, Australia, pleaded guilty to 14 charges, including two counts of supplying addictive drugs to a child and two counts of sexual penetration of a child aged under 16 at the County Court of Victoria.

Prosecutor Abbie Roodenburg told the court that Healey groomed the two friends, aged 15 and 17 after they met him through Snapchat and he began supplying them with marijuana, cocaine, and MDMA.

The pair allegedly told police that the paedo "wanted sexual acts for the drugs that he supplied, and this happened about once a week".

Healy would also refuse to drive them home if they didn't do it even after they said no, the court heard.

On another occasion he gave the 15-year-old girl strong pain medication, causing her to vomit and urinate on herself, according to News AU.

Ms Roodenburg told the court he asked her for sex in his car and she said no, but she "could not push him away because of her state".

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The victim said in a statement: "I was waiting to find the right guy and he took that opportunity from me.

"After what happened, every time I showered for a few months I couldn’t even look in the mirror.

"I would scrub myself so hard and still would feel dirtier than anything."

He then apologised over Facebook but continued to pressure her for sexual acts, calling her "chicken" or a "p***y" if she didn't give in.

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Following the incident, the girls stormed at Healey’s house together, grabbed a cricket bat and baseball bat he had at home and attacked him, calling him a rapist.

He then pleaded for them to stop, telling them he would "do anything".

The 15-year-old told her parents, the school, and police about the rape.

Both girls were cautioned by police over the beating but face no further action.

Healey will face sentencing for his crimes on Friday, July 23.

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