Temperatures will plummet in icy blast in latest Christmas weather forecast

Brits face a bitter plunge in temperatures over the festive season, according to the latest Christmas weather forecast.

For the special day itself, the icy chill will have been around for a couple of days, as the UK hopes and wishes for a White Christmas on the morning of December 25.

For the festive week, temperatures in the south of England and Wales will drop on December 24 – just in time for the big day.

Frost and fog are set to sweep across the nation on Christmas Day, and people in the northwest will see slightly milder weather instead.

In the final week of the year, the weather will be settled but cold for many, The Sun reports.

According to the Met Office forecast, it says for December 16 to 25: "Here any rain will be light, giving a much drier second half to December for all. Although rather cloudy at first, cloud amounts should reduce through the period, especially in the south and southeast.

"Temperatures will tend to become colder in time for Christmas, especially in southern areas. As a result, the risk of frost and fog increases, the fog slow to clear through the mornings, and perhaps lasting all day in some places."

It's too early to tell if the UK will see a White Christmas as weather agencies prefer to accurately predict the conditions only a few days beforehand.

Snow is more likely to fall between January and March in December, however, it's not out of the question for some flurries to fall in the month.

On average, sleet or snow is expected to fall an average 3.9 days in the final weeks of the year, compared to 5.3 in January.

Moving onto Boxing Day and into the New Year: "It is likely to remain settled for the final week of 2021, with an increasing risk of frost and fog for Christmas and New Year.

"Any unsettled spells are most likely for the northwest, with occasional stronger winds, and some showers or longer spells of rain. Temperatures are expected to be around average, but milder in the north, and colder in the south at times, where frost is most likely."

Snow was recorded last year for Christmas, but only 4% of British weather stations recorded snow lying on the ground.

The last White Christmas was listed in 2010, and before that 2009, 1995, 1981, and 1960.

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