Terrifying moment shark stalks crocodile just 10 metres away from surfer

A surfer has captured the terrifying moment a shark stalked a deadly crocodile in crystal clear waters.

Duncan Brotchie was just 10 metres away on the coast of Wessel Islands in Northern Territory, Australia when he spotted the two apex predators from his drone camera.

In the astonishing footage he posted on his Instagram on Monday, the reptile is making its way to the rocks in the shallow water when a shark emerges and starts circling around it.

The sea monster slowly picks up its pace and begins chasing after the crocodile.

The reptile appears to be wary of the predator and quickly diverts to its escape route.

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It makes its way to the closest rock and climbs to a high spot, forcing the shark to give up the chase.

Duncan said he got lucky when flying the drone around and spotted the encounter despite not knowing the species of the shark.

He guessed it could be a tiger shark based on the features.

Duncan told Daily Mail Australia: "I took a few pictures of the croc by itself and thought that was it and then the shark appeared and I just hit record and tried to follow them without freaking out too much.

"We were probably about 10 meters away but could only see the footage from the drone because of the glare on the water, so you wouldn't know at all what was happening without seeing it from above.

"The shark did get really close to the croc so I thought something might happen, but it probably had second thoughts!"

Last month, a baby bull shark had become the prey of a giant crocodile in the east of Australia.

Pictures shared widely online capture the massive 1,500lbs beast throwing the pup in mid-air and swallowing it whole.

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