The 90% Project: Ladyhawke says vaccination against Covid 19 is our best shot at a normal summer

“Just think about the country and everyone’s lives – the very young and the very old and the immunocompromised.”

For Kiwi musician Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke, getting vaccinated against Covid-19 was about keeping others safe and getting back to doing what she loves.

“I have the privilege of having access to the vaccine and it’s been offered to me for free, and it’s going to protect me and my whānau and friends and people who can’t have the vaccination – it’s going to protect all these people.”

Brown spoke to the Herald on Sunday about her views on vaccination as part of The 90% Project, which aims to see 90 per cent of eligible Kiwis vaccinated against Covid-19 by Christmas.

Thinking of 4-year-old daughter Billy-Jean was one of the factors that made the decision a “no-brainer”, she said.

“She can’t get vaccinated, she’s too little so we’ve just got to create this protection bubble around her so we’re all low-risk of passing it on if we do get it.

“The more people that we know – the more of our friends, the more of our family and extended family – that are vaccinated then the more protected our really little ones are. And family members who aren’t able to get vaccinated for whatever health reason.”

Where to get a vaccination in Auckland – without a booking

Getting back to performing and enjoying summer was another motivator for Brown.

“It could be an awesome summer. Loads of us New Zealand artists are just waiting to get out there and entertain everybody. We want to get up on stage and play for everyone out there and for everyone to have a fun summer – for this to not be any different to summers we’ve had in the past.

“One of the best things about summer is gathering with friends and family and having a good time. I think this is our best shot at that.”

If fear was holding anyone back, she recommended talking to trusted friends and family about their experiences.

The musician admitted she was scared about the possible side effects so she talked to “literally” every person she knew who had received the vaccine. Some had experienced a headache and others sore legs but each time they woke feeling better in the morning.

“I didn’t know what to expect because everyone was telling me different things. I literally got a very tiny headache, took some Panadol and went to sleep.”

Brown said the vaccination staff were thrilled to have people coming through and made the process quick and easy.

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