The Queens health problems and her last trip to hospital

The Queen has been making headlines this month after a spate of missed and cancelled appearances due to health problems.

Recently she has back out of trips to Northern Ireland, COP26 in Glasgow and the remembrance Sunday service at The Cenotaph.

The Queen was expected at the Cenotaph as late as two hours before the service began, with Buckingham Palace saying she was backing out "with great regret".

In October it was announced she would be taking some time of from major royal responsibilities to rest, in what has become one of her longest periods out of the public eye since her reign began in 1953.

This week she has cancelled her attendance to the Church of England’s General Synod at Westminster Abbey.

She is now thought to be conducting only light duties, likely from the comfort of Windsor Castle and she has no future engagements listed on the royal family's website for the rest of the year.

What are the Queen's latest health problems?

This week's biggest news came when it was announced she would be absent from the remembrance parade at Whitehall on Sunday due to a sprained back.

It is customary for the monarch and the prime minister to attend the event each year, with this the first time in 22 years the sovereign has been absent. In the past she missed it only six times: due to foreign visits and pregnancy.

It is not thought she required any hospital treatment for her sprained back, but it understood both the car journey and standing at the service would have been difficult for her.

It remains to be seen how the Queen's health is moving into 2022, where she will be planning to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

It had been wondered by many whether, following her death of her husband Prince Philip at aged 99, she might have backed away from the public eye – although this appeared to not be the case when she returned to a full schedule shortly afterwards.

Last month she was spotted using a walking stick in public for the first time in 17 years, although earlier this month she was spotted driving her car near Windsor.

The Queen attended hospital in 2018 to have planned cataract surgery, however, a few months after this an attended a service in St Paul's was cancelled, stating she was "under the weather".

When was the Queen last in hospital?

On October 20 the Queen spent a night in hospital in what was her first night there for eight years – the next day Buckingham Palace refused to acknowledge details of the tests that had been carried out.

They released a statement saying: "Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today and remains in good spirits.”

The last time the Queen had an unplanned trip to a hospital was in 2013 when she was last hospitalised with suspected gastroenteritis,

The Palace said: "As a precaution, all official engagements for this week will regrettably be either postponed or cancelled.”

How old is Queen Elizabeth II and when are her birthdays celebrated?

The Queen is now aged 95, making her the oldest ever British monarch by 14 years.

Confusingly, the Queen celebrates two birthdays: it is celebrated on her actual birthday on April 21, and then again in the summer, when it is acknowledged with a parade at Buckingham palace.

This is a tradition that goes back to 1748, when during the rule of King George VI celebrations were moved to be shared with the Trooping Of The Colour so there was more of a hope of good weather.

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