They create mayhem! SAS hero slams Britons fighting in Ukraine – says stay away

Ukraine: Smoke pours from Russian occupied warehouse

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Who Dares Wins star ‘Billy’ Billingham said that from a Russian perspective they’re just “terrorists”. He added that the British forces who have descended on Ukraine are “creating mayhem and getting away with it”. The SAS squaddie slammed renegade British personnel in Ukraine who took up arms in a bid to fight back against Putin’s forces.

TV star Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham said British men that travelled to Ukraine to fight Putin are just “frustrated people”.

He added that they have never seen action and see it as a chance “to create a bit of mayhem”.

Billy joined the SAS in 1991 and took part in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa.

Speaking to the Daily Star he said that he was “strongly against” foreign fighters getting involved in the conflict.

His words come after Britons such as Aiden Aslin, aged 28, and Shaun Pinner, aged 48, were captured during the battle for Mariupol.

This week Russian propaganda threatened that they will be “executed with British guns and bullets”.

There is now a possibility that British citizens will be executed in Russia when caught in Ukraine.

deepens the already complex diplomatic crisis facing the government.

The Who Dares Wins star added that the current state of the war in Ukraine gave him flashbacks to the war in Bosnia.

Speaking about foreign fighters in the war theatre, he said: “It complicates the whole process.”

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He compared the situation to the mix of international fighters in Bosnia reminding people of“how mixed-up and crazy that got”.

He recalled: “While I was there it added even more to the problems when there were foreign fighters turning up.

“It just complicates the whole thing.”

If British personnel are captured in Ukraine it could hand Putin a potential propaganda victory.

Mr Billingham added: “I see it when there are soldiers going out there to train their forces as opposed to fighting with them, the other thing… it’s not the right time to be doing it, it really isn’t.

“They want to go to war, they want to see what it’s all about, and it’s all fine and dandy, but then they’re out there and they end up getting caught up in atrocities and all sorts of stuff.”

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