Thieves filmed stealing TV from notorious ‘Jeremy Kyle’ estate in under a minute

Criminals at an estate unfairly compared to The Jeremy Kyle Show have stunned residents by nicking a television from a home in seconds.

The crime took place on Wednesday on the Page Hall estate in Sheffield, South Yorkshire – with one shocked eyewitness catching the moment on camera.

Footage shows one man dressed in a grey tracksuit cautiously approaching an open window and slowly slipping inside.

An accomplice, dressed in dark tracksuit bottoms and with a red and white sweater draped over him, stands guard outside, pulling a chair up to the window.

Several seconds later, the first man reappears at the window with a flatscreen television in his hands which he passes to his accomplice outside.

The woman videoing the incident can be heard gasping loudly and exclaiming: "My goodness!" as the scene unfolds.

In total, their crime is believed to have taken less than one minute while the man in grey was inside away from view.

The pair are then seen running off down the street with the television in their possession.

Footage was shared online where viewers couldn’t believe the activity they were watching take place in broad daylight.

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According to The Sun, locals have described the Page Hall estate as being "better than having The Jeremy Kyle Show outside your front door".

In May this year, and at the height of coronavirus lockdown, footage from the estate caused alarm when a crowd of 50 gathered to watch a street brawl.

Residents threatened a protest as they urged police to confront "shameful" issues blighting the community.

Firth Park Neighbourhood Network (FPNN) told YorkshireLive it has been left with "very little choice" but to take to the streets "as a last resort" against what members perceive as a lack of enforcement from South Yorkshire Police in light of crowds gathering in breach of lockdown rules.

Nasar Raoof, vice chairman of FPNN, said elderly residents who were shielding against COVID-19 were "willing to put their lives on the line".

He said: "We have witnessed police officers being laughed at by the people here.

"There are regularly over 100 of them with no social distancing happening.

"We don't want to be any sort of vigilante mob, but we have got to call out the problems for what they are. If you don't identify the problems, then you are not going to be able to resolve the issues."

He went on: "We've got about 150 to 200 members. Most of them are elderly, but they say they are willing to put their lives on the line in order to be listened to."

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