Thousands rush to vaccination sites in Manila as new virus restrictions are imposed.

Thousands of people flocked to inoculation sites in Manila, the Philippine capital, on Tuesday as reports emerged that unvaccinated people would miss out on welfare payments from the government.

People were also afraid of being barred from leaving their homes if they remained unvaccinated.

President Rodrigo Duterte, famous for his brash, autocratic style of leadership, had earlier ordered police and village enforcers to ensure that unvaccinated people quarantine at home as part of efforts to prevent the spread the Delta variant.

On Monday night, he said the government would begin giving cash payments to low-income people across Manila — aside from in one area, as a punishment for overcrowding and disorder at vaccination sites.

Referring to one part of the city, he said: “I saw on TV the disorder and the chaos prevailing.”

On Tuesday, long lines of people withstood a heavy downpour as they waited to be inoculated at a university in southern Manila that had been designated as a vaccination site.

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