TikTok’s Smithy Family slammed for buying jetski as fans donate £50k after fire

The Smithy Family have been blasted for buying a jet ski after fans raised nearly £50,000 in a GoFundMe page to help them following a house fire.

July saw the TikTok influencers have their London home petrol bombed as they slept in a suspected arson attack.

Luckily, all six family members managed to escape unharmed, but the house was badly damaged in the fire.

A fundraiser was set up to help the Smithys deal with the result of the attack, which they used to pay off the finance of their car which was set alight.

LadBible reports that since the incident, however, the family has been criticised for making purchases that some people deem to be extravagant.

In a recent video posted on TikTok, former builder, Nick, was surprised with a jet ski for his birthday.

Over 1.3 million people watched the clip, with one person writing: “See they are spending that GoFundMe well.”

Another person commented saying: “So much for fixing the house with the 50k+.”

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A third added: “This is a perfect example of how some folk can’t spend money wisely especially when they’ve not ‘earned it’.”

Nick took to TikTok to address some of the comments, recording himself on the jet ski saying: “To the people that are so caught up in my life, so anxious about what I am doing or how I'm spending my money, when you're not focusing on your own life.

"We've gone through hell and back. We're still smiling. We're still pushing forwards, we're still working, we're still earning money and we're still smiling and enjoying life.

"What're you doing? What're you doing? Eh? Negative people only get negative things in life. Don't be a negative person."

In their most recent video posted on Tuesday, Nick and partner, Jess, explained exactly how they have spent the money and what they plan to do with the rest.

Nick said: "We're very appreciative and thankful to everyone that donated even though we didn't ask for this. We are passing this on to other causes and charities.

"We've done £13,000 to a family who lost everything in a fire in Croydon, we gave a small amount to our neighbours to cover their excess and anything that wasn't going to be replaced.”

Jess added: “We’ve also done £6,600 to the MS Society and you all chose and commented the Azaylia Foundation, which we have donated this morning to.

“Let us know in the comments, we’ve got three more charities, let us know which ones you’d like.”

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