Time and day Brits are most likely to spot a UFO in UK skies

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Alien hunters are most likely to spot a UFO around 9pm on a September Saturday night in the North.

Of 413 reported sightings last year over a quarter were in the north-west or Yorkshire, a new report has found.

Most happened on Saturdays between 9 and 10pm.

September was the hottest month for sightings.

Most were "star-like" – while orbs and spheres also made multiple appearances.

Investigators found there was "one standout event" in January last year (2021) when four triangular UFOs were spotted by four different witnesses in four towns in western England near the Welsh border over an 18-hour period.

A fifth sighting was reported a few days later that left boffins wondering if it was the same object.

According to UFO Identified’s annual report sightings were down from 484 the year before.

But investigators believe 2020’s figure was inflated by more than 100 people spotting SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink internet satellites.

He has launched more than 2,000 in low Earth orbit to provide web services to far-flung parts of the planet.

Boffins reckon this year’s sighting figures are the most accurate as they hailed from "more sources".

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Of the total figure 21 were classified as Close Encounters Of The First Kind – sightings showing "visual detail’ from a distance of "no more than 500ft away".

After studying police reports investigators ruled them "relevant and genuine".

Around 40 alleged sightings were dismissed as "hoaxes" or found to have been reported by people with "mental health difficulties".

The study says 2021 was a "momentous year in the history of modern Ufology".

UFO Identified founder Ash Ellis said it was "very important" sightings were recorded to "build a fuller picture of what is being seen in our skies".

He said it was vital the UK Government took UFOs as "seriously" as their US counterparts who are probing a series of sightings around military bases.

Ash said the Ministry Of Defence "has not changed its position" on flying saucers which is "no report" in 50 years has "indicated the existence of any military threat to the UK".

Last month separate research found a quarter of UFO sightings in the UK were made by people at the pub.

Steve Lambert, 49, who spotted two glowing discs outside the Running Horse in Bracknell, Berks, said: "There probably is life out there."

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