Toddler finds fentanyl pills in Edgewater McDonalds play area

A baggie with about 20 pills of fentanyl were found Wednesday morning by a toddler in a play area of an Edgewater McDonald’s.

A woman, the toddler’s mother, turned the disturbing find over to the Edgewater Police Department about 10 a.m. Wednesday, according to a news release.

Police went to the McDonald’s, 1701 Sheridan Blvd., to investigate — hoping to find a witness or to obtain video surveillance images on how the baggie wound up there — but were unsuccessful.

“It is unknown how the baggie made its way on to the playground,” police stated in the release, noting that the use of fentanyl has been rising in the metro area over the past several years.

The baggie contained 5.5 grams of blue pills that police said are fentanyl, which is often found in blue tablets meant to mimic oxycodone.

“This incident is a stark reminder for parents to monitor their young children when playing in the community,” police stated.

The toddler did not ingest the pills and no one was injured in the discovery. An investigation is ongoing.

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