Toddlers finger left hanging off after being trapped in Premier Inn door

A toddler is facing his finger being amputated after he trapped it in the door of a Premier Inn while staff allegedly continued to serve customers.

The boy’s mother, Aleisha O'Sullivan, 32, and her fiancé Neil O'Sullivan, 33, had booked into the Slough Central branch of the hotel chain with their three children on September 25 and planned to head to Legoland.

The trip had been organised for young Jace James 'JJ' O'Sullivan's second birthday, but the lad’s celebrations were cut short when he managed to get his digit trapped in a bathroom door.

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His right middle finger was allegedly left ‘hanging on by a thread’ and bone exposed.

Aleisha said she was “screaming for help” as she carried her hysterical boy into the hotel reception, however her cries allegedly went unanswered by the single member of bar staff working after she was shown there by a cleaner.

Staff eventually told her to call an ambulance but she was told the wait would be four hours.

She ended up running barefoot to a nearby police station where 'amazing' officers stayed with her.

JJ underwent emergency surgery but Aleisha was told the finger might be lost if the surgery wasn’t successful.

The support assistant from Cardiff said: "I feel that the lack of first aid offered and how it was handled by the staff was appalling.

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"I had my back to him so didn't actually see the door close but when I turned around, I heard a cry. He had his finger stuck in the hatch of the bathroom door," she continued.

"I opened it and released it. He tried to run off and I looked down at his hand to see the top of his middle finger was just hanging off.

"The injury was down to where the first bit of knuckle is. It was hanging on by the smallest piece of thread.

"His bone was completely exposed and you could see the end of it sticking through.”

After screaming for an ambulance she said: "A cleaner came running out and she guided me down to reception.

"I vividly remember sitting in the reception and [a staff member] was stood behind a bar serving a customer. He could see that I was distraught and could hear the baby screaming.

"I asked if he could come and help me and call an ambulance. He definitely acknowledged me and we made eye contact. He made a gesture with his arm that I would assume would mean 'one minute' but he continued serving regardless.

"My partner went out front to make a call to an ambulance because it was too loud inside as the baby was hysterical."

She added: "My son's bone was on display with the finger dangling off, there was blood everywhere."

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A spokesperson for Premier Inn said: "We are really sorry to hear of Jace’s accident and the upsetting injury unfortunately sustained. Our bathroom doors are not self-closing so it would appear in this instance the door has been accidentally shut.

"Our team called an ambulance at the first opportunity. Safety is always our first priority and team members are trained in emergency first aid which covers things like CPR and choking but they are not paramedics and therefore calling an ambulance in this type of extremely rare situation is absolutely the right thing to do for risk of making an injury worse.

"We send our best wishes for a very speedy recovery."

Local Police Commander for Slough, Superintendent Lee Barnham, said: "We can confirm that a number of officers and staff came to the assistance of a mother whose child had suffered a significant injury to their finger.

Whitbread PLC declined to offer further comment to the Daily Star.


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