Topless McDonalds thug flexes muscles during racist rant then scoffs burger

Police are investigating after a shirtless man reportedly racially abused and attacked a woman in a McDonald's in Stockport.

Sarah Kutiwa had been celebrating her 27th birthday when she headed to the chain restaurant in the town centre around 5am on Sunday morning (November 6).

It was there that she claims the man began shouting racist abuse at her, which was caught on camera.

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Sarah also claimed he later snatched and damaged her phone and slapped her and her friend, which sent her tumbling to the floor and gave her a bruise on her head.

Sarah told Manchester Evening News: "It was my birthday celebration and I just didn't want it to end like that. I have experienced racism before but never physically like that.

"I've never had a random grown man abusing me and howling at me like that. I felt like I had gone back in time in that McDonald's.

"Obviously racism is evident but to hear it right in front of you like that was just horrible.

"I am upset that I let it get under my skin. I'm also upset it escalated like that when I think it could have been prevented if they had chucked him out when I asked them to.

"I have never felt so alone. I stood up for the staff but they didn't stand up for me… felt in danger. I didn't feel safe."

Sarah claims the events began when she heard the man in the video telling a security guard at the restaurant to "go back to your own country" as she ordered at around 5am.

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She claims she stepped in and told him he had "gone too far" and there was no need to be racist – but it is reported he then turned on her.

She alleged he started "flexing his muscles" and "got in her face".

She initially tried to push him away, which then caused a struggle during which she ripped his shirt, causing him to take it off.

He then directed a racial slur at Sarah, she claims, while her sister filmed him and is heard saying "I got that on tape".

The man can then be heard saying "What? What?" and repeats the slur two more times.

Sarah added that her male friend was allegedly slapped and had a homophobic slur aimed at him.

She said she tried to take pictures of the man, but in doing so he snatched her phone and threw it out of the front door of the restaurant.

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Greater Manchester Police have since confirmed they are investigating "an incident of racist abuse" at the McDonalds on Wellington Road South.

Superintendent Shan Nasim of GMP Stockport Division said: "GMP recognises the devastating impact that hate crime can have on individuals. It is an abhorrent crime and specialist officers have been deployed to support the victim.

"We are pursuing multiple lines of enquiry and I can assure you that anyone found committing this type of crime will find themselves subject to criminal proceedings."

Meanwhile, McDonald's has called racial abuse "abhorrent" and said they will cooperate fully with police inquiries.

However, Sarah said she is angry that McDonald's security or staff didn't intervene, claiming the topless man was even able to order food and leave the premises in a taxi without being challenged.


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