Topless XR protester set to go on hunger strike to stand up to bullies

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A politics student who attends climate rallies in the nude has pledged to go on hunger strike after she said people "fat-shamed" her.

Extinction Rebellion protester Laura Amherst, 31, is not one to shy away from the cameras, and now the activist has vowed to stop eating for a whole week to "show the danger of fat-shaming".

Announcing her dramatic protest on Instagram, Laura posted a naked picture from behind wearing a black thong, seen amongst other climate protesters.

She said: "A male on my Instagram tried to fat shame me today, talking about how he doesn’t want to see the rolls on my body. So here I am posting a picture of my cellulite too to keep him happy!

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"I do not stand for fat-shaming or misogyny in any form. I am for body positivity and celebrating and appreciating the female body in all forms.

"I am also for male body positivity and believe you guys should feel confident and liberated in your body too. I am also for trans body positivity."

Laura, who describes herself as a "bisexual vegan", also noted her ideal body shape for a man, saying that she prefers a "dad bod over a muscly guy any day of the week".

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"But each to their own and I don’t shame anyone over their bodies and I think it’s disgusting anyone who does", she added.

The activist also warned people against the dangers of shaming people about the way they look, noting the danger this could have on people struggling with eating disorders.

She explained: "Before fat shaming people I think you should tread carefully, not only do you look very fat phobic and nasty, you can also cause people to have eating disorders off the back of your insults. Many people die from eating disorders each year."

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Announcing her hunger strike, Laura reassured fans not to worry about her, as she had fasted for a week before, only drinking water to keep her going.

As well as striking as a way of making the "necessary sacrifices to prove my points", and "stand up to these bullies", at the end of the post, the controversial protester linked her activism back to the climate.

She said: "It is also to highlight what will happen if our ecosystem collapses and we can’t make and distribute enough food to the countries in the world."

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Last month, Laura was photographed with two "XR" stickers over her nipples as the campaign group descended on London's Oxford Circus for the third day of their two-week "Impossible Rebellion".

Days later, at a protest outside Downing Street, she ditching the Extinction Rebellion stickers to "free the nipple" as she held up a homemade sign reading "Citizens Assembly on Climate Change".

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