Troll from Trondheim set to unleash second sub-zero polar blast on UK

Essex: Cars stopped as snow covers M25

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The north of the country is set to be blasted once again by a sub-zero weather front named the Troll from Trondheim. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, coined the phrase to describe a polar vortex which has pushed snow, ice and freezing temperatures onto the UK this week. And now Mr Dale has exclusively told that this personified weather monster will be back with a second wave of wintry conditions set to dominate Scotland and the north east. His latest prediction comes after he originally pointed out a Beast from the East was edging further west towards Britain, but the country now looks set to be unaffected by it altogether.

Speaking to, Mr Dale, a global meteorologist, said: “That (Beast from the East) thought is melting but the north in particular will get ‘trolled’ again in the coming days as the air reverts to a northerly. There will be some snow in Scotland, colder temperatures in the north and a wind chill.”

With Christmas just days away, many will be hoping the winter wonderland landscapes, as pretty as they are, will remain until the big day. But Mr Dale says temperatures may start to recover by then. He added: “It could well revert after but I think it will be less cold up to the day, especially in the south.”

Weather maps show prolonged snow and icy conditions remaining in Scotland for much of this week. A yellow weather warning covering much of the north remains in place until Thursday, with more snow expected to fall. 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Matthew Lehnert, said: “The cold conditions will remain in situ during this week.  In many places daytime temperatures will struggle to get above freezing, while overnight temperatures have the potential to drop below -10C in rural parts of Scotland.”

And even on Friday, large swathes of northern England look set to be buried under around 7cm of snow. But as the days go on maps earmark Sunday, December 18 when the country could be set for more widespread wintry showers.

If the maps are anything to go by, widespread snow could be set to fall from noon, with large parts of central England and Wales largely affected. Maps show this snow stream could reach the capital, but that the southern coast will be set to evade a dusting. 

Instead, much of the southern coast of England will be drenched in heavy rain as an arching band of precipitation pushes eastwards, turning to snow in the coldest parts of the country. If this weather front comes off, it could see a repeat of today’s chaos – with scores of schools shut and working remotely, to commuters being forced to work from home. 

While the Met Office has said these temperatures are not exceptional for winter in the UK, it has labelled this period as “the most significant and widespread spell of cold conditions since February 2021.”

The Met Office’s Mr Lehnert noted a change in weather fronts from the Atlantic which could stop the snow in its tracks. 

He said: “Warnings for snow and ice will continue to be a feature of the forecast until the end of the week. By the end of the weekend there is a signal that we may see a shift in type away from the Arctic-dominated conditions with milder and wetter weather coming in from the Atlantic.

“This transition could bring the risk of significant, but highly transient, snowfall before quickly turning to rain.

“While the freezing conditions remain, drivers especially are reminded that freezing fog, snow and other wintry hazards will continue to create difficult conditions in places this week.”

While warnings for snow and ice covering large parts of Scotland, northern and southern England remain until tomorrow and Thursday, the Met Office is not ruling out further alerts this week.

“More severe weather warnings for wintry hazards could well be needed as we head through the weekend and next week,” it added. The cold air from the Arctic is also bringing brighter conditions for many, with some dry and sunny weather, particularly away from coasts, it said.

A Level 3 Cold Weather Alert which has been issued by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and covers all of England, is currently in place until this Friday. But again, if temperatures fail to recover, it could be extended.

It says: “Look out for friends and family who may be vulnerable to the cold, and ensure they have access to warm food and drinks and are managing to heat their homes adequately. Try to maintain indoor temperatures to at least 18C, particularly if you are not mobile, have a long-term illness or are 65 or over.”

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