Tropical Cyclone 9: NOAA issues warnings for Caribbean – Latest maps

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Another tropical cyclone is likely to form this week in the Atlantic Ocean. This storm, currently located over the central Atlantic, has been designated as a Potential Tropical Cyclone by the NOAA and National Hurricane Centre. A Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is a storm that has a high probability of developing into a tropical cyclone.

Fortunately, forecast cones, tropical alerts and more can be issued to warn people before a tropical cyclone officially develops.

The NOAA has issued a warning to residents of the Leeward Islands, located where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets with the western Atlantic Ocean.

The Leeward Islands begin with the Virgin Islands just east of Puerto Rico, and extend southeast to Guadeloupe.

The NOAA said “heavy rainfall and gusty winds are likely over portions of the Leeward Islands through tonight”.

Tropical storm warnings are in place for the vast majority of the Caribbean islands, including Dominica, Puerto Rico, the US and UK Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, St Maarten, Anguilla and St Kitts and Nevis, and the Dominican Republic.

Heavy rainfall and gusty, windy conditions will spread into the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Wednesday night, into Thursday.

The Dominican Republic has issued a Tropical Storm Warning from Cabo Caucedo northward along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic to the northern border with Haiti.

Most forecasts show the storm slowly strengthening into a tropical storm this week, although the longterm track is still extremely uncertain.

However, the current forecast shows a potential landfall into Florida this weekend.

In addition to the heavy rain and strong winds, life-threatening flash floods and mudslides are also highly possible.

If this storm develops into a cyclone, it will be named Isaias, as that is the next name on the list.

It would become the ninth-named storm of an already unusually active 2020 hurricane season.

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Should Isaias develop as expected, it would become the earliest I-named storm on record.

The current record is held by Hurricane Irene, which formed on August 7, 2005.

As of Tuesday night, (July 28), the potential Cyclone Nine was located an estimated 300 miles east of the Windward Islands.

The spaghetti models, a series of forecast models overlayed on a map, show the storm is likely to gradually turn north as it moves in a westward direction across the Atlantic.

Chief meteorologist for the US’s Live 5 Bill Walsh said although the system is not currently a threat to the States, but said a close eye needs to be kept on the system for the next few days.

He said: “There is plenty of time for this thing to turn to the east, or even head towards the Gulf of Mexico.”

The National Hurricane Centre reported the long range track and intensity forecasts are still uncertain, saying the system does not have a well defined centre.

NHC officials said: “However, this system could bring some rainfall and wind impacts to Hispaniola, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Florida by the end of the week.”

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