Trump storms off camera after chief coronavirus aide admits to having a fever – VIDEO

Donald Trump was spotted walking away from top coronavirus taskforce member Dr Deborah Birx after the physician admitted to missing out on two daily briefings due to having a fever. As Dr Birx made her revelation, the US President can be seen taking a step back from the key medical aide jokingly saying, “oh, oh” and raising his hands as if to distance himself from the physician.

Speaking at a Monday’s daily COVID-19 briefing from the White House, Dr Birx said: “You noticed I was not here over the weekend.

“I think this is the part where we really need to take personal responsibility.

“Saturday, I had a little low-grade fever.”

President Trump can be seen turning his back to Dr Birx before walking towards the exit door as the physician briefly looks at him smiling and rolling her eyes.

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Dr Birx continued: “I’m meticulous, I’m a physician – I looked it up.

“I ended up piggybacking so I had a test Saturday night and I’m negative. I stayed home another day just to make sure.

“That’s how we protect one another.”

President Trump slowly returned to his spot next to Dr Birx and welcomed the negative results of her coronavirus tests saying: “I’m glad you said that.”

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Donald Trump has come under severe criticism for his administration’s failure to carry out a comprehensive screening programme.

Testing for the coronavirus is seen as vital for bringing the epidemic under control by identifying and isolating those infected as soon as possible.

South Korea has led the way, testing over 300,000 of its citizens for COVID-19, a fact which many medical experts believe has been critical to their success in suppressing transmission of the virus.

The United States has currently tested just over 100,000 people and lags behind Germany, Russia and Australia.


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It comes as the number of coronavirus cases surged above 43,000 across the whole of the United States, with a total of 417 deaths.

New York has now become the epicentre of the epidemic, accounting for half of the country’s total number of infections.

On Sunday, the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, introduced new measures to reinforce the current lockdown.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Tuesday warned the rate of contagion could transform the US in the next global epicentre of the international coronavirus crisis.

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