Twisted Youtuber smashed model’s face into table in horrific ‘trash’ live stream

A Youtuber who slammed a model's face into a table has laughed at the "small" amount of compensation she wants.

Andrey Burim filmed the vile abuse in a live stream on his Mellstroy channel and now faces up to two years in prison if found guilty of battery.

His alleged victim, 21-year-old Alena Efremova, appears in the video to have had her jaw gripped tightly by Burim who then caused her lips to bleed by ramming her into the desk in front of them.

The video also showed the 23-year-old Russian grabbing her by the neck, then forcefully pushing her away.

He has been charged by prosecutors with battery and faced an initial closed-door hearing on Wednesday.

Ms Efremova has claimed compensation of ten million roubles (£96,500) which Burim has mocked as a humiliatingly low amount for him to pay.

"This is too small an amount of money," he told journalists outside a Moscow court.

"If she was to ask 30 or 40 million (£289,000 or £386,000), I would have paid.

"What have I done anyway? I haven’t beaten her in any case. Her concussion claim is just words.

"Forgive me, Alena, I am speaking from my heart."

The model’s lawyer asked for Burim to be detained but he was permitted to stay free but not leave Moscow pending further hearings.

The abusive scenes were broadcast to his 680,000 subscribers and left a traumatised Efremova with blood pouring from her mouth and facial injuries, say reports.

Efremova posted at the time: "Mellstroy beat me up last night and publicly humiliated me in his stream.

"I just want him to be punished for this so it will not happen to any [other] person."

Her brace was broken and "there is a bloody mess of iron In my mouth, blood, and pieces of torn skin," she said.

"I am deeply distressed, my limbs are shaking, my head is splitting with any movement."

The distressed woman said: "Not a single normal person who respects themselves will remain in his audience."

His videos logged 32.5 million views.

As Efremova – also a blogger with 20,000 followers – was attacked during a social media party in Moscow City skyscraper zone as other guests sat talking and appeared oblivious to the violence.

Expert Vadim Manukyan, on the media commission of the Public Chamber of Russia, called the footage “an absolute disgrace”.

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Activist Mikhail Netsvetaev demanded the prosecutor’s office to block Mellstroy's YouTube channel – but he continues to stream on new channels.

Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov has called for specific legal punishments for "trash streams" highlighting cruelty.

He wants six years jail time in the worst cases and punitive fines.

"This is becoming more and more widespread, so it is necessary to legislatively respond to this form of activity," he said.

"Naturally, if we are talking about direct participation or complicity in murder, then the imprisonment term may be longer."

Fellow senator Irina Rukavishnikova said: "The very fact of broadcasting a committed criminal offence online should, in my opinion, become an aggravating circumstance."

And senator Olga Kovitidi said that not only the streamers but those paying to watch should be punished in Russia.

If you have been affected by issues of domestic violence or coercive control you can call Refuge's 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline for free. The number is 0808 2000 247

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