UK snow: Brits brace for 8 inches of snow as mercury dips below freezing on wintry weekend

Weather: Met Office predicts cold temperatures with risk of snow

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Sunday could bring Britain wintry conditions, including up to 8 inches of snow, according to weather forecast website WXCharts. The North West of Scotland appears most likely to experience the heaviest snowfall.

WXCharts suggests Brits in this corner of the country could face anywhere between 4 and 22cm of snow.

But in other parts of Scotland snow depth could be as much as 9cm.

Temperatures on Sunday are also expected to dip below freezing, with many of the areas affected by snow reaching -1C.

Other parts of the UK will also witness some adverse conditions.

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Areas in England, including London and the East of England, are forecast to see rainfall.

However, Brits in these places look set to bask in milder temperatures.

The Met Office has also suggested the UK could see some snowfall in the coming days.

Their Friday forecast warned: “Feeling markedly colder, with strong winds driving a mix of sunshine and wintry showers.

“Some snow accumulations on northern hills but few showers reaching parts of the east and south.”

Between Sunday and Monday, they added: “Unsettled and very windy in the north with rain or wintry showers.

“Drier and milder in the south, but with some rain and strong winds at times.”

However, there is also a risk of wintry precipitation later on in February.

In its outlook for the UK between February 7 and 16, the Met Office said: “Mild and cloudy on Monday with spells of rain for many areas.

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“Any sunny spells will be mainly confined to the east of the country with some sunny spells possible in the northwest later.

“Through the rest of the period, high pressure remains to the southwest of the UK and is expected to push low-pressure systems towards the north of the country.

“This will lead to an unsettled picture for much of the UK with heavy rain, stronger winds and a risk of wintry precipitation in the north while the south is expected to remain largely dry.

“It will be milder for many especially in the south of the country, whilst brief colder incursions from the north are possible throughout the period.”

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