UK snow forecast: Freezing Arctic air grips Britain – ‘Wintry showers’ to strike this week

Temperatures are expected to remain bitterly-cold this week with a new weather system moving in from the north on Wednesday. Thermometers could tumble to as low as 0C overnight in some parts of Scotland, according to the latest weather charts. Meanwhile, conditions are expected to remain chilly for much of the country, as Arctic air dominates through the start of this week.

And, the Met Office’s outlook for Wednesday to Friday suggested “wintry showers” could strike in the far north.

While the latest maps from WxCharts, which looks at the probability of snowfall, showed an increased risk of the white stuff hitting the north of Britain on Thursday.

BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear admitted that temperatures were “struggling for this time of year”.

She said: “With April just around the corner it is a month that is often characterised by lots of April showers, well we have got that today.

“We are still under the influence of high pressure that we had at the weekend, the winds not quite as strong but they are still coming from a cool source and they are driving those showers in off North Sea coasts.

“As we go through the overnight period, winds are going to fall lighter still and the showers will ease. We will start to get some clearer skies, particularly across the southeast of England, here temperatures are likely to fall to low single figures.”

Moving towards the middle of the week, the BBC Weather forecaster said there would be a “subtle change” with a weather system moving in from the northwest.

She said: “The winds will strengthen, gale-force gusts in Scotland. That is going to introduce some colder air to the north.

“It still stays relatively mild across southern England for a time.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office explained why the UK was experiencing such bitterly-cold conditions.

They said: “An intense anticyclone remains anchored to the northwest of the United Kingdom. Northerly winds will feed showers into the east.

“Best of the sunshine in the west. Another cold day for most. Winds less strong in the south.”

Moving into Tuesday, the weather service said: “As the high drifts south the Arctic air will be cut off, but it will remain chilly and often cloudy.”

The Met Office said on Wednesday the UK would likely be impacted by rain and drizzle to the far north, while elsewhere it would remain cloudy and chilly.

Towards the end of the week on Thursday, another “cold front” will push southwards bringing “rain and strong winds in the north”.

The chilly conditions will last until the end of the week with showers in the north and bright spells elsewhere.

It still stays relatively mild across southern England for a time

BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear

The Met Office’s long-range forecast from Friday, April 3, to Sunday, April 12, added: “Unsettled conditions across the north are likely to spread southwards”.

The forecast read: “The northwest will see the worst of the weather with spells of heavy rain and strong winds interspersed with sunshine and showers whilst the southeast should stay drier and brighter.

“Towards the middle of April, the weather may turn more changeable with a few days of rain and strong winds alternating with periods of sunshine and showers for much of the UK.

“Any showers may turn to a mix of sleet and snow over northern hills.”

With the bitterly-cold conditions likely to continue, leading bookmakers have slashed odds on next month to go down as the coldest April on record.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Last week’s high temperatures will soon be a distant memory with record-breaking cold weather seemingly on the way.”

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