UK snow forecast: Icy Arctic jet stream to unleash SUB ZERO freeze on Britain – new maps

BBC Weather: Rain and high winds predicted for Sunday forecast

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After an unseasonably warm October, winter weather has chilled the UK in recent days. And temperatures are set to dip to just 1C in Scotland and 2C Manchester tonight sparking a frosty start to Monday.

The freeze will spark a blast of early snow which could continue for up to three days – with around an inch due to fall each day.

Most of it is expected to be limited to the Scottish Highlands according to WXCHARTS.

However, the real cold weather is due to hit a week later on November 17 when Manchester sees chills of around -2C and further down Britain the mercury will plummet to -1C (30F) in south Wales.

Much of the rest of the country – including the Midlands, the south of England and London – will hit 0C (32F).

And along with the sub zero freeze there could be snow as far south as the outskirts of London.

Norfolk and Suffolk are also expecting to face a flurry of snow while wind chill factor will see Britons freeze.

WXCharts’ maps shows the freezing weather to continue until the weekend when even the south-west of England can expect 0C lows. 

The November snow, brought about by a brutal jet stream from the Arctic, comes after Britain faced blustery conditions brought about by Storm Wanda’s arrival from the across the Atlantic. 


Writing on Netweather, forecaster Terry Scholey said that after a “fair” weekend for Guy Fawkes celebrations, things would take a turn for the worse.

As the morning began, the Met Office issued a yellow warning of severe gales for the north of Scotland.

There will also be a “scattering of blustery showers mostly over the north and west of Scotland and north west England”, the Netweather forecaster said.

He explained that, for the “remaining areas” of the UK, it will “stay dry in a day of variable cloud and sunny spells, the best of which will be in the east”.

Across Northern Ireland, he warned of cloud increasing across this afternoon.

Mr Scholey explained the “severe north-westerly gale over northern Scotland will moderate while elsewhere”.

As the day progresses, “there’ll be clear spells, and as winds become light, it’ll turn cold enough during the night for a touch of grass frost over sheltered rural parts of east Wales and central and eastern England”, he said.

He added: “In the west, cloud will be increasing, with outbreaks of rain over Northern Ireland spreading to some other western parts before morning.

“Here, a freshening southerly wind will be introducing milder air, with lowest temperatures about 7C (44.5F) or 8C (46.4F) in the West and 2 (23.6F) to 4C (39.2F) further East.

“East Anglia and the southeast may also see a few spits of rain later, but it’ll probably stay dry here.

“A south to south-west wind will freshen, becoming strong overexposed parts of the north and west.”

“Many eastern areas start the new working week on a bright note with a little sunshine, but it’ll tend to cloud over from the West.

“Elsewhere expect a lot of cloud and some patchy rain, much of which should be light, with the heaviest bursts over the north and west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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