UK snow forecast: Met Office warns of SNOW in 24 hours as Arctic air grips Britain

BBC Weather: UK warned of snow as temperatures fall

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The UK is braced for a spell on wintry weather from this Saturday as temperatures plummet. The latest Met Office weather graphics show a huge jet stream forming near Iceland and heading eastwards towards the UK from Wednesday.

The maps suggest the swirling winds are then set to drag a deep-area of low pressure from the North Atlantic over the whole of the country.

In a post on Twitter, the Met Office said: “Are you noticing the change in temperature?

“Several shots of Arctic air are on the way to the UK later this week as the jet stream dips southwards bringing much colder and wetter weather.

“Strong winds may bring some disruption by the weekend with snow possible in places.”

The weather maps show a dark-blue area of low pressure descending southwards towards the UK from Thursday.

The cold weather system continues to push southwards into Friday and charts depict the whole country turning icy-blue.

The Met Office already has two weather warnings in place on Friday and Saturday.

A yellow wind alert is in force in Scotland and the north east of England from 12pm on Friday until midnight.

A second wind warning from midnight on Friday until 6pm on Saturday covers the whole of Scotland, Wales and southwestern parts of England – and predicts winds of up to 80mph.

The Met Office warning says: “The strongest winds will arrive across northern Scotland during Friday afternoon before developing further south through the evening across the rest of Scotland, Northern Ireland and some exposed coasts of northern England.

“The location and strength of the very strongest winds remains uncertain.

“However, gusts seem likely to reach 50 to 60 mph widely, with 70 to 80 mph possible in coastal locations, particularly in parts of Scotland.”

The swirling winds are expected to send temperatures plummeting below freezing across the whole country.


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The latest wind chill maps show the whole of the UK turning a shade of blue – and the charts suggest mercury will feel closer to -12C in Scotland.

The sharp fall in temperatures has also increased the threat of snow across parts of the country.

The latest Met Office graphics show patchy areas of white as snow flurries are expected across northern parts of Scotland and eastern parts of England over the weekend.

Up to five inches (12cm) of snow could fall in Scotland by midnight on Saturday, according to snow depth maps produced by WXCharts.

In the same period, northeastern parts of England is forecast to accumulate one-and-a half inches (4cm), whereas 2cm is predicted in North Wales and 1cm in the South East.

The Met Office also warns of the threat of frost, ice and snow into next week.

The Met Office long-range forecast from Sunday November 28 says: “A more settled day on Sunday with rain and strong winds clearing to the southeast and followed by drier and brighter interludes but remaining cold with patchy frost and ice as well as some hill snow.

“Some scattered showers could affect eastern coastal districts. Then becoming largely unsettled through this period with rain and strong winds often moving in from the west or northwest. Some brighter and drier spells are likely especially in the south and southeast.

“Windy with the risk of gales at times, especially in the north and northwest.

“Temperatures will be milder than of late in the south but remaining mostly rather cold in the north with a risk of hill snow as well as frost and ice.”

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