UK snow warning: Arctic blitz to dump 14 inches of snow TONIGHT as temperatures hit -8C

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to drop as band of snow moves in

Heavy snow showers are forecast in a matter of hours as temperatures fall to freezing and below for the entire country, as a cold-weather system grips the UK. The Met Office has put in place four yellow warnings of snow and ice across large parts of the UK over the next 24 hours. Met Office chief forecaster Steve Willington said Storm Christoph has been replaced by “colder air from Iceland and the Arctic” which will bring a “mix of wintry hazards” across the UK.

The latest weather model produced by WXcharts show the heaviest of the snow showers will be felt overnight tonight, with up to 14 inches (36cm) falling in central Scotland.

Wintry showers will also affect parts of the north west of England with just over three inches (9cm) forecast by midnight.

Freezing Arctic air will see sub-zero temperatures across the whole of the UK as the latest weather charts turn dark blue.

Bitterly cold lows of -8C will be felt in central areas of Scotland, -3C in the north of England, -2C in Wales and -1C in the South.

Snow showers will become more widespread by mid-morning on Sunday as the cold-weather system pushes further south.

According to Wxcharts, Scotland will see up to 11 inches (29cm) of snow by 6pm tomorrow.

The weather maps reveal a blanket of white across southern parts of England and Wales, with just under three inches (7cm) of snow in western parts of Wales, and just under two inches (4cm) of snow in the south.

Show showers will push in a north easterly direction into Sunday evening and in the East Midlands up to three inches (8cm) is expected.

The area of low pressure will bring more cold air as temperatures continue to spiral below freezing.

Mercury will fall to -9C in Scotland, -5C Wales, -4C in the north of England and -3C in London and the South.

Mr Willington from the Met Office said: “The exit of Storm Christoph – which brought the heavy rain to a central band of the UK – has established a flow of colder air from Iceland and the Arctic.

“And this is bringing a mix of wintry hazards across the UK.”

Netweather.TV forecaster Jo Farrow added: “On Saturday more wintry showers in the flow from the northwest with the risk of hail and thunder and then the uncertainty about Sunday.

“For many another cold, dry day but there will also be snow showers for Scotland.

“The low pressure skirting around the southwest, it could bring rain and snow over south west Britain, or along southern England.”


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The spell of bitterly cold weather and wintry showers are set remain in place until at least Tuesday.

The area of low pressure will then be replaced by milder conditions and a band of rain.

Met Office forecaster Chris Tubbs said: “The cold conditions are forecast to remain across the UK until Tuesday.

“When more Atlantic-dominated weather is due to exert an influence, gradually bringing milder, but wetter conditions to the UK once more, although this may take a while to reach the north-east of the UK.”

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