UK weather: Commuters warned to prepare for murky conditions in days prior to Christmas

Met Office predicts dry and cloudy weather for Wednesday

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Parts of the country experienced 14C, making the UK warmer than Madrid over the last few days, with the mild temperatures expected to continue this Wednesday and Thursday. In South-England, from Exeter to Dover and London, highs will reach 12C before dropping from Thursday evening onwards.

On top of mist, fog and frost, the weather will get much colder as the weekend starts.

Jim Andrews, a meteorologist from told “Between Thursday and about next Monday, fog, especially night-time and morning fog, can be widespread in the UK.

“As such, it can cause slow travel for commuters.

“There will also be areas of stubborn low cloud which may well linger day and night. Patches of mist and drizzle may happen, too.”

Even though the phenomenon usually only impacts overnight drivers, fog and mist could now cause more transport disruption, according to Marco Petagna, Media Advisor for the Met Office.

He told “Temperatures will generally be dipping from mild to average, or a little below, and thus the chances of frost will be a little higher heading into next week when daytime maxima will generally be nearer 5 to 7C across the UK, rather than the 10 to 14C we’ve seen recently.”

He said: “As the high pressure becomes established later this week and into next week, there’ll be an increasing chance under light winds of some stubborn fog patches forming.

“Mainly where cloud breaks develop overnight, and especially near water sources such as river valleys.

“The fog could be slow to clear by day and may lift into low cloud, giving some murky conditions on the hills too.

“Frost is possible but again likely to be patchy and none too severe given the fact a fair amount of cloud is expected on the whole.”

The Met Office confirmed that any rain would be light, giving a much drier second half to December for all.

Mr Andrews said details are still speculative but he expects the continued dominance of anticyclone may bring rather cold yet settled, largely dry weather.

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He added: “High temperature for most may be within 1-2C either side of 5C.”

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, told the “odds are against” a snowy Christmas but that “the shooting match” is not over.

“Right on the run-up to Christmas and the actual day, the cold air from the continent will start to edge its way in. And it’s going to be a close call.

“So, yes, it will get progressively colder, and we will start to see the frost in the morning, especially over England and Wales to a degree.

“The best we can hope for Christmas on the white side of things is a pseudo-white Christmas, which will be a frost, and that is the favourite [with bookies] at this moment in time.

“The one-up on that will be the cold air properly-getting in, which may bring snow showers to the east and parts of the countryside, everything from Edinburgh and Newcastle, all the way down to London.

“That is what we are toying with at the moment. After that, if the cold air does get in, I think the period between Christmas and New Years may well turn a lot more wintery, but that is to be seen.”

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