UK weather forecast: 80PMH storm hell for Britain as THREE more to batter nation in days

Storm Eunice: Big Jet TV commentates on Heathrow landings

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Another deep low-pressure system stretching across the UK from Greenland will take a swipe on Sunday evening. Government meteorologists are once again warning people in affected regions to stay home during deadly winds. It will be followed by another battering on Tuesday and yet another ahead of the weekend which threatens to pack a more potent punch.

Scotland and parts of northern England are tomorrow on alert for hurricane-force gales, driving downpours, blizzards and flooding from monster coastal waves.

Met Office chief meteorologist Steve Ramsdale warned Britons to keep an eye on government weather warnings through the next 48 hours.

He said: “Winds will decrease from their exceptionally high levels on Friday, but there’s a continued wet and windy theme for many through the weekend.

“Areas to the north and west will see some more potentially disruptive conditions on Sunday.

“Weather warnings have been issued but should be checked throughout the weekend for any ongoing updates.”

The warnings come in the wake of Storm Enuice which on Friday left a trail of destruction in the worst assault for decades.

The cyclonic low, compared by experts to the Great Storm of 1987, whipped up winds greater than 120mph as it tore through the nation.

Storms this week threaten further damage to buildings, trees and structures weakened by Eunice.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “We are seeing a conveyor belt of lows coming in from the Atlantic.

“This was to be expected after the exceptionally calm January as the weather will always strive to bring a balance.

“This week will be a case of watch this space as further low-pressure systems are forecast to bring more wind and rain.”

Foul weather is being driven by a freakishly strong jet stream wedged over the UK and raging at of 200mph.

The core of the jet, the so-called jet streak, is propelling the band of air which circles the polar region firing up storm systems as they pass over Britain.

Mr Dale, author of Weather or Not? said: “These weather systems are being driven by the jet stream as will be the changes in temperature as it moves further north or dips south.

“This week will see swings from cold to milder depending on the position of the jet.”

Government forecasters have issued warnings for wind across most of England between Sunday lunchtime and midday Monday.

Gales of 60mph will sweep inland while gusts touching 70 to 80mph will tear across coasts and hilly regions.

The Met Office warns of further damage to buildings, flooding from coastal waves, and travel mayhem.

Strong winds in the wake of Storm Eunice will bring a further risk of danger to life sparking warnings to stay indoors.

Natural Resources Wales has issued 23 flood alerts across the country amid forecasts for heavy rain.

A spokesman said: “The Flood Alert is now in force for the next four days.

“We will continue to monitor the situation.”

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