UK weather: Prepare to ‘scrape ice off the car’ as -1C Arctic plume to bring bitter freeze

UK Weather: Met Office forecast temperatures to drop

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Temperatures are finally getting more wintery after a mild month of November with some cities reaching 16 degrees last Thursday and Friday. Saturday 20 November will see rain pushing south across Scotland before reaching North England and Wales.

The maximum daytime temperature is set for 13C while the minimum overnight temperature will drop at 2C to 3C in towns and cities while rural locations will reach 1C to 0C.

Sunday 21, a maximum temperature of 8C-9C could be even more wintery with a risk of hail and frost forecasted by the Met Office and AccuWeather.

As minimum temperatures could drop to -1C in rural locations and 1C to 2C in towns and cities, Rachel Ayers, Senior Operational Meteorologist from the Met Office, predicts drivers will have to de-ice their car coming Monday.

Ms Ayers told “Any snow is really expected to be above 300-400 m above sea level and due to the mild conditions we have had of late the ground temperatures will still be warm enough to restrict any settling snow to the highest ground.

“The most noticeable thing will be on Monday morning when some people (particularly across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England) may well need to scrape ice off the car in the morning.”

However, she said eastern coasts could see some hail on Sunday.

She added: “Any remnants of the cold front will clear the far south coast during the early hours of Sunday morning, leaving a brighter but colder day for many on Sunday.

“Scattered showers will make some inland progress though will mostly affect eastern coasts in the northeasterly wind.

“Some of these showers could be heavy at times with a chance of some hail mixed in, and the continued risk of wintry showers across high ground.”

Alyson Hoegg, a Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather, told snow is not expected so far except in Scotland.

“At this point, the threat for snow across the UK appears pretty small this weekend and early next week.

“While temperatures will fall from a high around 12C on Saturday in London to temperatures between 8C-10C Sunday through at least early next week, this push of colder air won’t be enough to lead to snow.

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“The most likely area to see any snow this weekend or early next week will be across portions of Scotland where a few snow showers will be possible.

“Temperatures even that far north will run between 5-9C for daytime highs and between 0-3C for overnight lows.”

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