Ukraine president praised for balls of steel as he gives speech in Kyiv street

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has come out onto the besieged streets of Kyiv at dawn to give a defiant speech promising he will not surrender to Russia.

In the clip he posted on social media, Zelenskyy looks determined as he tells Ukrainians he has no intention of leaving and any message to the contrary is "fake news".

Despite Vladimir Putin's invading forces surrounding Kyiv, the capital has still not been taken and Zelenskyy urged Ukrainians to not lose hope in his rousing speech on Saturday morning (February 26).

Standing outside the House with Chimaeras building in the Lypky neighborhood of Kyiv, the Ukrainian president showed no signs of waning resolve.

Zelenskyy says: "Good morning everyone. There's a lot of fake info saying that I ordered the Ukrainian army to surrender.

"So, listen here: I'm here. We are not putting our weapons down, we are going to protect our country."

He adds: "Our weapons are our truth, it's our country, our children and we will protect them."

Olga Tokariuk, a freelance journalist in Kyiv, translated the speech into English after sharing it on Twitter.

The video of Zelenskyy standing in the capital in broad daylight has been watched just under 5million times and viewers were struck by his composure.

One person commented: "Thank God, Zelenskyy is really a fighter!"

A second said, "He’s a legend. God damn," and another wrote, "Now there's a proper leader what an incredible man."

Someone else simply responded with a picture of two metallic balls in a glass display cabinet, labeled "balls of steel".

Another viewer said: "Save Ukraine for the sake of future generations who deserve a dignified and free future. Don't give up!"

Last night, US President Joe Biden ordered up to £448m in "immediate military assistance" to Ukraine and allegedly offered Zelenskyy help in case he wanted to escape.

The Ukrainian president is said to have refused, saying: "The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride."

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