Ukrainian soldier luckiest man alive after bullet goes completely through helmet

A Ukrainian soldier is counting his blessings tonight after a miracle escape from almost certain death.

Footage from the front line of the fight against invading Russian forces show the bemused fighter removing his helmet to show matching bullet holes on both sides of it.

Some of the hemet’s protective inner layer can be seen protruding from an exit hole, forced out by the passage of the bullet which had punched through the helmet’s exterior layer, been diverted around the lucky man’s skull, and out through the other side.

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The bemused fighter had suffered nothing more than a nasty graze on his scalp and – presumably – quite a headache.

A standard combat helmet is designed to protect against flying shrapnel and other fast-moving debris.

In a war zone, helmets also earn their keep by protecting combatants’ heads when they’re in bumping around in armoured vehicles or scrambling in dugouts.

Even the best helmet is unlikely to stop a direct hit from a rifle round – making this soldier’s lucky escape a one-in-a-million.

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After footage of the extraordinary event was posted on Reddit, come stunned commenter wrote: “Damn that’s f*****g wild. I don’t know how I’d deal with that afterward though… just to think each moment after you could’ve been dead, so linger on that thought and be afraid or live each next moment to its fullest…”

Another commenter, who said they had been a member of the US military, added: “My last go-round in Afghanistan we had sensors [glued] into our helmets.

“Every time we hit an IED, an explosion occurred nearby, or a round hit a helmet (happened twice), it was logged.

“About once every two weeks we had to go have some guy in a button up shirt and glasses download our helmet logs. Used to call it ‘downloading the new mixtape’.

“Anyways, that data was used for all sorts of stuff, I’d like to think it helped better design helmets for Western troops so that more incidents like this one result in the good guys going home…”


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