UKs real-life Fast and Furious where boy racers speed supercars in balaclavas

British boy racers are brazenly brushing bobbies off as they recklessly speed down roads using high-powered cars bought on cheap credit, a new documentary has claimed.

Startling footage from “The Secret World Of Boy Racers: UNTOLD”, a new Channel 4 documentary, showed that young men with souped-up cars have been illegally racing down streets at speeds of up to 170mph, all while risking life and limb.

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Joyrider gangs, who were spotted wearing balaclavas, reportedly meet up on a weekly basis to take part in high-octane races, all while streaming live to tens of thousands of internet viewers.

One of the UK’s biggest racing pages, Mpire, boasts more than 70,000 followers, with its videos showing Brits gathering to race cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The group’s founder, who only went by Min, told documentary-makers: “Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris we went from being boy racers to having some of the most expensive and fastest cars on the planet.”

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He said that his mates, mostly men in their early 20s, are able to afford luxury vehicles using cheap and accessible lines of credit: “Cars are becoming more and more affordable… finance is available to more or less anybody.”

The documentary also revealed that the young men are simply ignoring police officers who want to discipline them, as they don’t have the horsepower to catch up.

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One clip showed Met Police officers being ignored by a group of racers they stopped on London’s Bond Street.

The group was taped simply speeding off each time the police caught up with them.

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When questioned by an officer, one of the drivers replies brazenly “I'm not obstructing no one”, before fleeing again at top-speed.

One man claimed he has been banned from driving and has 21 points on his licence, despite only passing his test three years ago.

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“I couldn't give a s*** about the police, that's the God's honest truth, I couldn't give a f***,” he said.

Another was heard saying: “'I'm not worried, I've got north of 700 horsepower on tap. Nobody is catching me.”

The Secret World Of Boy Racers: UNTOLD is available to stream on Channel 4 from Monday (May 22).


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