Unemployed graduate lands dream job after setting up pop-up hire me Tube stall

A proactive jobseeker secured a new role almost instantly after setting up a pop-up stand in a bid to drum up interest from potential employers.

Haider Malik, 24, set up the stand at London's Canary Wharf, where some of the country’s biggest financial companies have their offices.

The go-getter decided to buy a board from a stationery shop in Romford and stuck QR codes to it so people could easily view his CV and LinkedIn profile.

Haider, from Seven Kings, east London, told MyLondon: “The first five minutes or 10 minutes I felt nervous because I was standing there empty handed.

“I found it really awkward. I didn't know what I was doing, I found it really weird."

“I had all my CVs in my bag," he told MyLondon. "I was standing there empty handed trying to look at people and hoping to meet people rather than being proactive and speaking to them.”

The Londoner decided to take a different approach and began smiling and initiating conversations with people on their way to work. Soon passers-by began to engage with him.

He said: “I held my CV in my hand and I was just saying good morning to people, just trying to engage people in a conversation.

“A lot of people gave me their cards, they gave me their phone numbers, and started talking to me.”

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While Haider said some people gave words of encouragement, one person on their way to work offered life-changing help.

He said: “There was one person called Emmanuel who actually posted a picture of me online. He actually came up to me, he put his hand out and said: ‘I wish you well’.

“He said he wanted to do something similar two years ago but he didn't have the courage to do it.

“He was happy that I put myself forward to do it and that he wanted to share a picture of me on LinkedIn."

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Haider had given out all his CVs within an hour of arriving at the station and by 9.30am, he received a message asking him to come to an interview for a role as a Treasury Analyst at the Canary Wharf Group, a huge property developer.

Haider said: “I got a text message from the director of the department at about 9.30am saying 'come in for an interview at 10.30am'.

“They interviewed me on the 30th floor of a building and I'm overlooking Canary Wharf thinking ‘wow, I never expected to be interviewed here let alone potentially about to get a job’.

“The first interview was the same day, which was a Tuesday morning, and then I got a second interview on Friday.

"And then by Friday evening they were happy with me and I accepted the role."

Haider said one of the reasons behind his Canary Wharf stunt was the "unrealistic expectations" employers have for graduates to have work experience.

He added: "Recruiters ask for two years experience and you've just come out of university and you're not meant to have that.

"That's one of the other reasons I went out [to Canary Wharf] as well."

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With a lot of determination, a bit of luck and help from a stranger, Haider's plan worked and he decided to thank the man who had posted his story on social media by taking him to lunch.

He said: “I wanted to get him some lunch to say thank you.

“It was really cool the way it happened – I took a chance."

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