Vladimir Putins mysterious love life – vanishing mistress to secret love child

Most people, when they stare into the blue eyes of Vladimir Putin, think about his crimes against his own people, locking up those who challenge him and his invasion of Ukraine pushing the world to the brink of World War Three.

They don't think of him as a sex icon with a string of ex-girlfriends and a mysterious love life, even if he is prone to releasing awkward pictures of him with his top off.

That's because he isn't a sex icon, obviously, the Russian near-dictator has all the sex appeal of a Siberian gulag, but that hasn't stopped him from having a love life shrouded in intrigue and odd circumstances.

The Dobby the Elf lookalike is no stranger to keeping things quiet, learning how to do just that in his days as a high-ranking spy in the KGB – the Soviet Union's intelligence service.

Now, as the Russian president recognises two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine and drives his own country towards all-out war, some are wondering if this problem would go away if the 69-year-old got some action that didn't involve a tank.

Who is Vladimir Putin married to?

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Putin is no longer married but was wedded to Lyudmila Putina for 30 years before they divorced in 2013.

We're no relationship expert, but perhaps ordering the murders of Russian dissidents abroad (allegedly) does not suggest an ability to compromise, which is desperately needed for a marriage to work.

Despite this, 30 years is good going, considering the stresses and strains of life at the top of Russian politics and alleged affairs.

They first met during the 1980s and Putin told The Washington Post: "I understood that if I didn't marry for another two or three years, I would never marry. Though, of course, I had made a habit of leading a bachelor's life. Lyudmila uprooted it."

The pair shared two grown-up daughters, one now reported to be a mathematician and the other a geneticist, but have never been publicly acknowledged by the president.

Vladimir Putin's vanishing mistress

Rumours have abounded from the mid-2000s about an alleged affair between Putin and Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva – once dubbed 'Russia's most flexible woman'.

The Moskovsky Korrespondent reported that Putin was planning to marry her in 2008, but the reports were denied and Putin said condemned "those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others' lives".

The newspaper, owned by a former KGB colleague, was promptly shut down. So much for the free press.

Two children are alleged to have been born to Putin and the 2004 Olympic Games gold medal winner, one in 2012 and the other in 2015, but this was later denied by Alina on Russian TV. Twins are also reported to have been born in 2019.

Rumours of more affairs

It is difficult to speculate on Putin's love life as any form of dissent in Russia or reports that go into such detail are immediately clamped down on.

Currently languishing in a Russian jail cell is opposition leader and Putin critic Alexei Navalny.

Navalny had been critical of Putin for years, before being mysteriously poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent, the same that was used to target Sergi Skripal in the UK's Salisbury Poisonings in 2017.

Navalny now resides inside a Russian prison awaiting trial, facing a further 15 years behind bars. He had previously released information about a believed affair between Putin and Svetlana Krivonogykh as part of his ongoing criticism of the president.

It is alleged, through reports by the investigative team at website proekt.ru, that Svetlana was Putin's mistress and the two had a child.

Luiza Rozova is the person believed to be their daughter and she does not show her face on her Instagram feed; this is believed to be because she bears a striking resemblance to Putin himself.

Proekt media founder Roman Badanin was listed as a 'foreign agent’ and the site was closed down when reports emerged. Navalny's team, on the back of the reports, alleged a scheme of corruption where fake rent was siphoned off to offshore companies owned by Svetlana and Elizaveta Krivonogykh.

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