We clearly see the sinking morale of the Russian troops and Putin…

Putin's willing to take 'high casualties' over Ukraine says expert

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The former Ukrainian deputy justice minister explained that Russian troops were also depleting in morale. Mr Petukhov claimed that new Russian military conscripts had not received proper military training and the correct equipment for combat. And that sanctions from Western governments on oil products could also expand Russia’s deficit. Despite the many challenges Putin is facing has continued to wage a bloody war on Ukraine.

Mr Petukhov told Times Radio: “We clearly see the sinking morale of the Russian troops.

“Especially those who were just mobilised in Russia, the people who have no military training did not receive the proper military equipment who are not equipped to fight in the wintertime.

“We also see the decrease in support of this war in the Russian society overall.

“And remember the hardest sanctions are just gonna kick in this December.

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Mr Petukhov added: “The sanctions on oil and then on oil products next spring, so that is already straining the Russian budgets making the deficit grow.

“So this is a crucial winter for Putin as well because he cannot provide a very significant and clear success in this winter campaign and is not able to stabilise his economy and overcome the sanctions he might be losing support within his society.

“And even in an autocracy like Russia this matters, because at some point he might not have enough money to pay for his police forces and people are dependent on the Russian’s budgets.”

“Those who are his main support base in Russia, so we will be following that quite closely.”

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Ukraine destroys Russian military vehicles

There have been ongoing reports about Russian troops absconding from battle and refusing to fight.

Despite these reports of a lack of support from Russian soldiers Putin has continued to wage his war on Ukraine.

Putin has been trying to bolster his army in Ukraine by adding 300,000 troops, some of which include football hooligans and prisoners.

Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev uttered a similar sentiment about the lack of morale Russian men were experiencing about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Mr Ariev told Express.co.uk exclusively: “Well, this is a war which will exhaust both sides.

“And for me, I see that Ukraine will be, step by step, liberating occupied territories, so, I think that this will be going on in a few months’ time.

“And you know that Putin is now trying to mobilise people in Russia but it is also a step-by-step proposal because people are not inspired to go to war against Ukraine.

“They can watch it on TV sitting on a comfortable sofa but not take part in it.

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