Weather maps show Britain will be hit with snow again within matter of days

Brits will see more snow in just a matter of days as freezing temperatures continue to blast the UK.

New weather maps forecast snow will fall at least twice in just one week in the coming days.

December is set to be bitterly cold as Brits hope for a White Christmas next month during the festive season.

It comes after chaotic Storm Arwen lashed the UK with blizzards, 100mph winds, and claimed three lives.

The Arctic conditions are set to continue though, with flurries of the white stuff expected to appear again on Wednesday, December 1, and again on Monday, December 6.

Snow may fall in between, but heavier amounts are predicted to blanket the countryside most on these set days.

The worst-affected areas remain in Scotland and northeast England, however, the midlands are also at risk again.

According to WXCharts, up to 3cm of snow will fall in Inverness, Wick, east of Aberdeen and northern Scotland early on Wednesday. Brits in the highest point of the UK may see more snow over the following days, including the weekend.

Newcastle has been warned the city may also be blanketed on Saturday 4 as the bitter cold forces up to 2cm to fall in the morning.

By lunchtime on Monday, a large band of Scotland, northwest England and Wales are at risk of a further 3cm of snowfall.

The ice blast covers the majority of southwestern Scotland and stops near Edinburgh and Inverness, with the weather front sweeping from west to east throughout the day.

As evening comes around, all of Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Sunderland and the east coast of England as far down as the outer skirts of London may see 2cm of snow.

The news comes as the UK faced the coldest night of autumn so far, with the Met Office declaring Shap in Cumbria enduring -8.7C this week.

Punters who were stuck in a British boozer were finally freed from the pub after being snowed in for three days.

People had ventured into The Tan Hill Inn to watch an Oasis tribute band but the quick-settling snow forced them to stay inside for days as the rescue was deemed too dangerous.

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December isn't looking any milder either, with -10C forecast on the way. The Met Office predicts snow in the UK almost every over the next two weeks due to the chilling blast of icy conditions.

Jim Dale, a meteorologist for British Weather Services, warned: “In terms of storms over the next month and into New Year, things are just about to get going," he said.

“Storm Arwen could be the beginning of many. The potential is there for a run of storms through the festive season and perhaps beyond.

“So far this autumn, the weather has been too settled and tranquil, and this always leads to a counterbalance.”

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