What to Cook This Week

Good morning. It is Pi Day, for those who delight in numbers and pay attention to such things: 3.14, a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Also a day for untrammeled truth: Everyone loves pie, even those who prefer cake. (And it’s a day to check your clocks. Time sprang forward an hour last night in accordance with Daylight Saving Time.)

Perhaps you’ll bake pie today: a modern chicken potpie for dinner, say, with an apple pie (above) for dessert. Or shepherd’s pie for dinner, with a blueberry pie for dessert. You could make a mushroom potpie, if you like, and finish the meal with a peanut butter pie. You could even make a key lime pie and have that be dinner and dessert combined — a reckless, citrusy play, I suppose, but you’ll feel pretty good for a while, before the crash.

Pie, anyway, or something round: A plain pizza would do it. So would Gabrielle Hamilton’s adaptation of André Soltner’s famous onion tart.

That’s Sunday, then. Monday’s for sweet-and-spicy roasted tofu and squash. We won’t be eating that way in a couple of months. It’d be good to get last licks in on the winter squashes.

And how about this pressure cooker kalbi jjim for your Tuesday meal? Pretty neat to be able to pull that one off on a weeknight.

Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day, and you can find recipes for the day right here. Corned beef with cabbage and carrots is the traditional feed, but an oven-braised Guinness beef stew with horseradish cream wouldn’t be a problem. And how about some soda bread, too?

I think this coconut-miso salmon curry would be nice on Thursday night, unless you’d prefer turkey chili instead.

And then you can head into the weekend with pan-seared skirt steak with lentil salad, a recipe that’s been delighting Times readers since its original publication in 1990, under the byline of the great Pierre Franey.

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Now, it’s nothing to do with colcannon or blue crabs, but this is kind of a delicious rich vs. richer tale in The Guardian about Wentworth, a fancy British golf club that was the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, and that was bought by a Chinese billionaire in 2015. (Warning: It’s long!)

My colleague Claudio Cabrera received a promotion to deputy audience director at The Times last week. On Twitter, he wrote a powerful thread about his career path that is absolutely worth reading.

Tough landing for this New Zealand albatross: in skiing parlance, a full send.

Finally, here’s St. Vincent, “Pay Your Way in Pain.” Play it loud and I’ll see be back on Monday.

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