Wind, rain and flooding forecast for southern Quebec

Environment Canada has issued several weather warnings for most regions of southern Quebec.

Wind warnings are in effect for Montreal, the Montérégie region and the Eastern Townships.

The weather agency is warning of winds of up to 90 kilometres per hour that could begin Monday evening.

In the Richelieu Valley, strong winds are expected as early as Monday afternoon.

Environment Canada says the wind could cause loose objects to get thrown around and that tree branches could break off, leading to damage.

In the Richelieu Valley, strong winds are expected beginning Monday afternoon.

Between 25 and 45 millimetres of rain is expected.

Officials say because the ground is still frozen, it has a reduced ability to absorb the rainfall.

Furthermore, authorities are monitoring several rivers across the province as the melt of snow cover, combined with rainfall, will lead to a rise in water levels.

There could be flooding by Tuesday, according to Environment Canada.

There is also a risk of localized flooding in low-lying areas, and water pooling on roads.

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