W***ing walrus Thor brings entire town to standstill after public sex display

Thor the w***ing walrus has brought an entire town to a standstill after its public sex display which subsequently left New Year firework celebrations cancelled.

Legendary wandering walrus Thor had been spotted a handful of times throughout 2022, but one user who videoed the walrus noted it marked a perfect end to the year.

Lounging around near the marina of Scarborough, the w***ing walrus was spotted engaging in a public sex display that shocked passers-by who had been told not to disturb the beast.

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Footage of Thor the walrus made its way onto Twitter, where thousands saw the rebellious walrus in the act and cancelling fireworks.

So as not to upset Thor, Scarborough Council made the decision to delay fireworks for New Years Eve celebrations, instead opting not to scare off the legendary beast.

Instead, Thor was allowed to have a nap on the coast after engaging in a public sex act, delighting and revolting members of the public in equal measure.

One Twitter user who recorded the incident wrote: "A Walrus getting lost, ending up in Scarborough and then masturbating IN PUBLIC then having a sleep and then Scarborough Council cancelling the NYE fireworks display in case it woke him is the denouement of 2022."

That it was, and one user seconded the end of the year by saying: "God bless all the horny walruses."

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Residents of Scarborough had previously welcomed the often-spotted Thor, with local radio footage showing dozens of people gathered to see the walrus in person.

They wrote: "Welcome to Scarborough ‘Thor’ the Walrus. This is incredibly rare for the UK and never seen before locally.

"Please respect the cordons in place & keep noise to a minimum say British Divers Marine Life Rescue…"

While members of the public respected the cordon, it appears Thor the walrus had no respect for public decency laws, w***ing his way into the new year.

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