Woman crashes car after necking three wines to celebrate work office move

A drink-driving sales executive crashed her car into a roundabout after necking three wines to celebrate her work moving offices.

Amylee Boland, 27, was found twice over the alcohol limit after losing control of her red Vauxhall Corsa into a roundabout last month.

It was understood she was drinking with work colleagues from a property investment company to celebrate their sales office in Alderley Edge, Cheshire moving to a new premises.

A disaster struck, however, when she decided to drunkenly drive the 16-mile journey home to Salford – where she lives alone in a three-bedroom terrace, The Sun reported.

A breath test of Boland showed she had 84 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit is 35mg.

The sales executive admitted driving with excess alcohol and was banned from the road for 21 months.

She was also fined £475 and ordered to pay £132 in costs and surcharges.

Prosecutor Nick Smart told the hearing: “On November 8 2021, officers were called to a road traffic collision on a roundabout on the A34 near Handforth Dean.

''The motor vehicle was left in the middle of the road. As officers approached the driver of that car, they could smell alcohol and the driver was intoxicated.

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"The driver apologised straight away, a road side test was conducted and it came back positive.

''She was taken a local police station and gave a reading of 84 microgrammes.

"As a result of that reading and because there was a collision, she was offered the opportunity of an interview.

“She said she had had three glasses of wine and that she had collided with a roundabout and was unable to drive any further.

“She is a lady of good character and had a clean driving license.”

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In mitigation defence lawyer Stuart Thomson said: ''She co-operated fully and she is remorseful. She apologised to the police straight away. She is of good character.

"She has gone from work out for a drink because they were moving office and she has had too much to drink.

''She works in sales and visits clients for events around the country but she no longer has the car due to it not being drivable.''

Sentencing District Judge Bernard Begley told Boland: “I have taken into account the circumstances and you must not drive for the next 21 months. Do not do it.”

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