Woman demanding refund from psychic given warning to ‘make most of time left’

A psychic who was once banned from a spiritualist church because her predictions were too "spot-on" warned a care worker to "make the most of the next three years" after the woman asked for a refund.

Lauren Dent paid for a reading from Amanda Molloy, who lists Cheryl and Denise Bulger, mother of murdered tot Jamie Bulger among her clients.

But Lauren, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, didn't get her reading because Amanda said she was "too drained" and unable to continue on that evening.

She asked for a refund, and was offered an alternative date for a reading which she refused, ChronicleLive reports.

After a considerable delay, the care worker received a chilling message via the psychic’s Facebook account that read: "Make the most of the next three years, most important time left, thanks."

After seeing the unnerving message Lauren’s friend Rebecca Mitchell shared screenshots of the Facebook Messenger exchange on Friday, May 7.

Rebecca wrote: "Spiritualist AMANDA MOLLOY AVOID! Why would you say that to a customer who hasn’t done you any wrong? Why would someone want to inflict worry on someone who wants money back, that is rightfully theirs!?"

She added that Lauren is "a big believer of these people" said it was shocking for someone so well known to say something like that to her.

Both Lauren and Rebecca say they have since been blocked on Messenger by Amanda, and that the spiritualist has deleted the messages.

Amanda, 48, has courted controversy before. She was asked to leave Newcastle’s Heaton and Byker Spiritualist Church in 2013 after giving a reading where she told a woman how her daughter had been murdered, when she died and how the attack had taken place.

"The woman in charge was saying, leave it, leave it!" Amanda told the paper.

"She took me to one side and said there had been complaints and I was giving out confidential information.

"They said I should have said she died in unforeseen circumstances but I wanted to say what I knew because I had to be accurate."

The shocked woman reportedly ran out of the building as Amanda was speaking.

Amanda said: "I think it is ridiculous being told off for being spot-on. I won’t be going back."

The Daily Star has contacted Amanda about the message Lauren was sent.

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