Woman finds dangerous wild boar chilling on her sofa after wrecking home

A woman was left gobsmacked when she arrived home to find her house had been wrecked by a wild boar who was found chilling on her sofa.

The unnamed woman said she opened her living room door to find the huge animal relaxing inside her home in Hagen, Germany on February 4.

The wild boar, which was just 10ft away from the woman, had become so comfortable that it failed to notice her when she first opened the door.

Police said the homeowner shut the door immediately and officers rushed to the scene after being alerted to the random intrusion.

"The wild boar had wrecked the furniture and had made itself comfortable on the living room sofa," Hagen Police said in a statement.

"It probably entered the ground floor through a patio door. When the door shut, it got trapped."

Together, the officers and an authorised hunter discussed ways they could get the 132-lb animal out of her home without stressing it out.

Luckily, it was an easier process than they thought and the boar eventually made its own way out after they opened the door.

Cops said the dangerous animal then jumped over the fence, reports Zenger News.

Hagen Police said: "At this time of year, wild boars protect their young ones from enemies.

"Do not approach young animals, keep them at a distance. And if one turns up in your living room, call the police!"

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