Woman finds prisoners ID in lining of new coat over fears its cry for help

A coat bought from a UK fashion firm arrived at a shocked customer's house with a Chinese prisoner’s ID card in the lining, in what she believes is "a call for help by a slave labourer".

The garment has the Brave Soul brand, owned by Manchester firm Whispering Smith. It outsources to China and other cheap labour markets.

The £49.99 coat was delivered via online firm My Shoe Store, the Mirror reported.

The buyer, a woman of 24 from Norwich, said: “This could be a call for help by a slave labourer.

“I work in the NHS and I do care that people are having the best kind of life."

An Amnesty International spokesman said: “Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights during their operations in China and anywhere else in the world.

"Key to this is engaging in human rights due diligence to prevent the risk of negatively impacting people’s rights through their work, business relationships and within their value chains. We would also urge the UK government to considering making this due diligence mandatory for national companies operating abroad.”

Campaign Labour Behind the Label called for brands “to ensure products are not tainted by slavery”.

Whispering Smith did not reply to the Mirror's comment requests, they publication reported. Daily Star has also contacted the company.

In 2015, a number Primark customers claimed they found messages from Chinese human rights abuse victims stitched into clothing but the high street firm dismissed them as a hoax.

It said Primark’s name had been hijacked by someone trying to gain publicity and the letters had nothing to do with its staff or suppliers.

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