Woman in court after plastering men with chips and curry sauce – in Chippy Lane

A woman who plastered a group of men with chips and curry sauce after flying into a rage has appeared in court.

Millie Holliday's night out took a messy turn when she hurled the popular dish over a group of men.

The incident happened on April 2 in Cardiff's aptly-named Chippy Lane, WalesOnline reports.

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Holliday, 24, had picked up a takeaway but the men knocked the food from her hands – sparking a furious rage.

She committed the "relatively minor" drunk and disorderly behaviour offence on April 2 while she was on a night out in Cardiff city centre, her solicitor Tom Trobe told Cardiff Magistrates' Court.

She had just bought chips and curry sauce from a business in Caroline Street – known to some as Chippy Lane or Chippy Alley.

"A number of loitering males thought it would be amusing to knock the food from her hands and use unpleasant insults," said Mr Trobe.

"She made the decision to pick it off the floor and throw it at them. She threw a chair also."

Holliday, of Carlisle Street in Splott, had her case adjourned at an earlier hearing in April after her solicitor asked for a Women's Pathfinder course to be considered.

"She is in full-time employment and she had not been in trouble for almost four years," Mr Trobe added.

The Pathfinder course is a scheme aimed at reducing reoffending by women in wales.

However, when Holliday returned to court on Monday and admitted drunk and disorderly behaviour, magistrates decided a court sentence would be appropriate.

She was ordered to pay a £50 fine, £34 victim services surcharge, and £85 in prosecution costs.


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