Woman launched brutal airport assault on husband over naked snaps on his phone

A couple's romantic Christmas getaway has been ruined after an American woman laid into her husband when she happened to find naked snaps on his phone at the airport.

Paula Barbour,55, has been arrested in South Carolina for allegedly attacking her husband at an airport after finding naked pictures on his phone as they arrived for their holiday

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Officers confirmed that Paula and her husband had flown to South Carolina for a holiday but beat her husband up after finding 'indecent photos' on his phone which lead to an argument, it has been reported.

Officers at the airport attended an 'active domestic' incident at 2.50 pm on Wednesday where they found two people involved in an altercation.

Although her husband denied the attack, surveillance footage showed Barbour throwing his phone as well as kicking him and attempting to hit his face.

The police incident report said:“The suspect stated that she just wanted to get away from the victim and fly back home,"

The woman allegedly admitted to the incident and was arrested at 6.15 pm before being released on bail the day later.

Charged with one count of third-degree domestic violence she will now appear in court on February 15 next year.


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