Woman mauled by dog felt like someone was tearing through leg with knife

A woman who claims to have been mauled by a Crufts winner's dog has said she felt like someone was "tearing through" her leg with a knife and alleges that the owner attempted to "dissuade" her from calling the police by buying her gifts.

Natasha Turner claims that she was attacked by Margaret Peacock's Belgian Malinois, Mako, while visiting the award-winning breeder's home last year.

During a trial at Salisbury Crown Court jurors heard that Ms Peacock was required under a contract to keep Mako under control at home because of a previous incident.

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But the owner has been accused of being in charge of the dog while it was dangerously out of control. She has denied this, instead claiming that it was a stray dog who attacked Ms Turner, the Independent reports.

Sian Beaven, prosecuting, told the court that Ms Turner had been to Ms Peacock's home in Farnborough, Hampshire, on February 1, 2021, to do some DIY work as well as visit her own dog, who was staying there.

But while she was there the prosecutor said: “Mako launched into a full attack on the lower part of Miss Turner’s leg".

Ms Beaven said that Ms Peacock attempted to grab a screwdriver to end the attack but that the dog "refused to let go despite attempts to make him stop" and began to bite the owner too.

She said that once the pair were finally able to stop the attack, Ms Peacock refused to call an ambulance, adding: “Ms Turner wanted to call an ambulance and the defendant insisted on cleaning up because there was significant blood".

The prosecutor then told the court that Miss Turner's brother took her to hospital and she had her injuries assessed by a plastic surgeon.

Ms Peacock later went to the same hospital due to bite wounds.

Giving evidence to the court, Ms Turner described the attack, saying: “It happened really quick. When we realised it was going wrong I was scared because I didn’t think I was going to get the dog off between us."

She added: “It was like someone had got a knife, put it in your leg and was tearing it through with a knife. That’s the only way I can describe it. I was screaming. I was crying my eyes out. It was really, really bad.”

Ms Beaven told the court that after the attack "the defendant remained very scared Ms Turner would call the police and began buying her gifts to dissuade her".

But Ms Peakcock claims that the gifts were a result of being blackmailed by Ms Turner and that the woman had actually been attacked by a stray dog from the nearby woods.

Ms Turner claims that Ms Peacock asked her not to call the police because she was afraid they would force her to have the dog put down.

The trial continues.


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