Woman shares horror gym experience after being followed and assaulted by man

A personal trainer has gone viral after claiming she was followed home from the gym and assaulted by a man.

Jessi Balter, who is a NASM-certified personal trainer, posted a workout video on TikTok and explained the horrible encounter in overlay texts.

She also claimed the fitness centre refused to take action when she reported the incident.

Jessi wrote: "Trigger warning: sexually assaulted. The day a man followed me home from the gym and into my apartment. I reported the incident to LA Fitness and they refused to ban him.

"How can they care more about a contract than their own members' safety?

"Check your priorities LA Fitness and get these disgusting men out of your gym."

Her video has left many viewers asking for women-only gym to provide a "safe space" for female gym goers.

"Won't be going to this gym anymore, you're done LA Fitness," one said.

A second added: "The sad thing is these companies only care that they got caught,, they don't actually change their priorities."

Jessi gave more details in an update video and said she spoke to the district manager of operations of the south Florida branch.

"I explained to him what had happened in full details, I told him who I spoke to after the incident and how they reacted to me," she said.

"He agreed with me and apologised on their behalf and he offered me a refund for what I paid for that I didn't end up using because I was too scared to go back to that gym."

She asked the manager to read through the comments online and "make a difference".

But Jessi didn't give out any information about the guy who allegedly assaulted her, explaining: "I don't feel comfortable because he knows where I live.

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"It's a hard decision, I know he could do that to other women but I feel like it was a personal attack towards me."

Last month, another personal trainer defended herself when she spotted a man "staring at her" while she was working out.

Heidi Aragon stopped exercising and stared back at him and even told him to stop looking.

Daily Star has contacted LA Fitness for comment.

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