Woman stuck with wooden mannequin blind date for 4 days after Covid lockdown

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A woman in China was forced to spend four days on a blind date with a man she called “as mute as a wooden mannequin” following a Covid lockdown.

The woman, only known as Wang, can now probably claim to have been on the longest blind date ever after a rise in Covid-19 cases caused a sudden lockdown in her date’s community in Zhengzhou.

Wang was reportedly introduced to ten matches to go on blind dates with and this man in particular was her fifth on the list.

AFP reports that Wang told local media that the man had wanted to demonstrate his cooking skills in the hope of impressing her.

However, not even his culinary abilities were given high ratings just to make the blind date more awkward.

Wang said: “Besides the fact that he’s as mute as a wooden mannequin, everything else is pretty good

“Despite his food being mediocre, he’s still willing to cook, which I think is great.”

It was actually during the meal that Wang realised that the community was put into lockdown, meaning she had to spend several days with the date.

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Wang has also been posting videos on social media app Douyin, which has been branded as China’s answer to TikTok.

In a translation made by HuffPost, she said: “Because we don’t know each other very well, it was not so convenient for me to live at his home. I felt a bit embarrassed.”

Wang said the man has continued to cook for her but did not reveal whether she has been able to leave the house after arriving on Sunday.

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She also has not said if the lockdown has helped develop any feelings for each other with the only comment that the man “doesn't speak much”.

According to the Global Times newspaper, Covid-19 cases have been rising this week in Zhengzhou with 100 cases.

The rise in cases has also caused non-essential businesses to close and Covid-19 testing drives to be rolled out in the city.

The BBC reported that last month a man was caught in the middle of a similar lockdown as he moved house.

Due to the swift action, he was reportedly not even able to finish collecting his luggage from his car.

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