Woman surprised as she finds huge colony of 30,000 bees living in her wall

A homeowner was horrified to find a huge colony of over 30,000 bees living in the wall of her house.

Philip 'Fred' Adedeji, known as Fred the beekeeper, was called in to inspect the property after the home's elderly owner thought she might have wasps.

After he visited the house, 66-year-old Fred revealed the wasps were in fact a huge colony of over 30,000 honey bees that had made a habitat in the cladding of the wall, Liverpool Echo reports.

Fred told the ECHO : "A lot of people confuse honey bees with wasps because they're smaller.

"The homeowner thought she had wasps and called the council out to kill them.

"They said 'we can't they're honey bees' and gave her my number.

"She had noticed them for a few months and thought they were wasps and hoped they would die off.

"Normally I would insist on the scaffolding being erected but she was 90 the woman.

"It wasn't very high and the lady was pretty desperate so I did them by standing on the garage roof."

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Fred claimed that once he had located the swarm, he removed the cladding from the side of the house to access the bees.

Adding: "Because of the location I couldn't access that one easily, they'd gone right around into the corner into the cavity – I vacuumed the bees out."

In a video Fred is seen climbing on to the garage roof to tackle the swarm, he then starts sucking out the bees with a special vacuum cleaner.

The beekeeper than places the comb in frames and takes them back to live in their own hives.

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Despite the homeowner's surprise at Fred telling her that there were over 30,000 bees crawling inside her walls, he said: "That's not a lot really, but a queen honey bee can lay 2,000 eggs a day so the colonies can increase dramatically.

"The thing is with bumble bees they die off at the end of the year, apart from the queens.

"Honey bees don't hibernate and that's why they produce a vast amount of honey.

"The thing is they can just go huge and in the end you can have honey dripping down walls.

"One of the worst ones we did, a woman in Warrington had a colony up in her chimney for over five years but she was perfectly happy because they were so high up.

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"But during a really hot spell the combs melted and they collapsed down her chimney.

"She ended up with over 50,000 bees crashing down into her living room."

Fred, who has been keeping bees for around 15 years is often asked by the council to remove nests of bees and wasps.

His Facebook page, Fred's Bees, shows the various swarms he's called upon to tackle at a moment's notice.

At 66 years of age, Fred said he shouldn't be clambering around on roof tops but he does a lot of dancing to Northern Soul records which helps keep him in shape.

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