Woman told she will have to buy back her stolen Rolex from pawn shop

A woman whose Rolex was stolen during a burglary at her home has been told she must buy it back from the pawnbrokers where it has been kept for more than six months.

The victim from Memphis, USA, who has asked to remain anonymous, became a victim of thieves in April.

She had spotted a car slowing down in front of her home but thought little of it, only to return at 10.30am the following morning to discover the place had been ransacked.

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"When I got a little further into the house I saw disturbed things, missing jewellery and the back window had been smashed," she explained.

She quickly realised the Rolex was missing, adding: "The watch was the first nice thing I really had."

The fact that she knew the watch's serial number gave the woman a little hope that it could be found and returned to her.

But, when Memphis police informed her that it had been traced to Keller's Pawn Shop in Walls, Mississippi, she was told the crime was now out of their jurisdiction and advised to call the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office.

When she did she was told that the Rolex had been brought in by a pregnant woman, who said she had received it from a man and, because they had no evidence that she knew it had been stolen, she could not be prosecuted.

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"He said he couldn’t do anything and that I should buy my watch back from the pawnshop," the victim said.

According to the terms of the 1993 Mississippi Pawnbrokers Act, a stolen item can only be recovered if a warrant is sworn against the person selling the item.

Desoto County officials claim that Memphis police do not believe the pregnant woman was responsible for the theft so they, in turn, have not charged her.

Keller’s have stated that they have no Rolexes for sale at this current time, but the watch-less victim lamented: "No one will issue a warrant, and my watch has been in DeSoto County for over six months."


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